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TDC101 Resources

Miistakis Reports

Transfer of Development Credits in Alberta: A Feasibility Review

Canadian Experience with Transfer of Development Credits and their Potential Application to Agri-Environmental Policy

A Review of American State Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Legislation and the Applicability to Alberta

Transfer of Development Credits (TDCs) in Alberta: An Information Session and Application Workshop

Government of AlbertaBack to Top

Land Use Alberta (Land Use Secretariat)

Conservation and Stewardship Tools

Provincial Historic Resources designation

Alberta Land Stewardship Act 

Historical Resources Act

Municipal Government Act

BooksBack to Top

The TDR HandbookDesigning and Implementing Transfer of Development Rights Programs
By Arthur C. Nelson, Rick Pruetz, and Doug Woodruff; Island Press / American Bar Association, 2012 [Order it here]

Transfer of Development Rights: A Flexible Option for Redirecting Growth in Pennsylvania
By Wesley Horner, Kate Brown Garrett, John D. Snook, and John E. Theilacker; Brandywine Conservancy Environmental Management Ctr., 2003

Lasting Value: Open Space Planning and Preservation Successes
By Rick Pruetz; APA Planners Press, 2012

Beyond Takings and Givings: Saving Natural Areas, Farmland and Historic Landmarks with Transfer of Development Rights and Density Transfer Charges.
By Rick Pruetz, Arje Press, 2003.

Papers and ReportsBack to Top

Is Your Community TDR-Ready?
By Rick Pruetz & Noah Standridge; Presentation to the American Planning Association National Conference, 2009

Open Spaces and People Places: Transfer of Development Credits
Canada West Foundation, ‘Yard Work’ Series, 2006

Planners’ experiences in managing growth using transferable development rights (TDR) in the United States.
By Michael D. Kaplowitz, Patricia Machemer, and Rick Pruetz; Land Use Policy 25, 2008

The Potential for Municipal Transfer of Development Credits Programs in Canada
By Arlene Kwasniak; Journal of Environmental Law and Practice, 2005

TDR-Less TDR Revisited: Transfer of Development Rights Innovations and Gunnison County’s Residential Density Transfer Program
By Mike Pelletier, Rick Pruetz, and Christopher Duerksen

Transfer of Development Rights Turns 40
By Rick Pruetz, and Erica Pruetz; Planning and Environmental Law, June 2007

Using Markets for Land Preservation: Results of a TDR Program
By Virginia Mcconnell, Elizabeth Kopits, and Margaret Walls; Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 49, 2006

What Makes TDRs Work: Success Factors from Research and Practice
By Rick Pruetz and Noah Standridge; Journal of the American Planning Association, 2009

What's in it for me? Exploring Natural Capital Incentives [see p.20]
By Karen Wilke; Canada West Foundation, 2005

Web ResourcesBack to Top


TDR Updates – Smart

Conservation Easements in Alberta

Alberta Conservation Easement Registry

PresentationsBack to Top

What is a TDC Program

The Why, What, How and Who’s of TDCs

How the Value of TDC Credits is Determined

VideosBack to Top

What is a TDC Program?

The Why, What, How and Who's of TDCs

How the Value of TDC Credits is Determined

ToolsBack to Top

Factors of Success for Albert TDC Programs

Life of a TDC Credit

Considerations in Creating a TDC Credit System

What Should a TDC Bylaw Include?

Approval and Best Practices Checklist

Sample TDC Overlay

TDCs - Legal and Layman

Support Organizations and ConsultantsBack to Top

Miistakis Institute

Environmental Law Centre

Land Stewardship Centre

Harry Harker, City Spaces

Frank Lizczak, Matrix Planning

American ExamplesBack to Top

King County, Washington

Larimer County, Colorado

Boulder County, Colorado

Calvert County, Maryland

Montgomery County, Maryland

Summary of Four American Programs (Larimer, Boulder, Calvert and Montgomery)

American Farmland Trust Transfer of Development Rights Fact Sheet, 2008
Distributed by the Farmland Information Centre

New Jersey Pinelands Development Credits Program Fact Sheet

Alberta EffortsBack to Top

M.D. of Bighorn

Beaver Hills Initiative (BHI)

M.D. of Foothills

Cypress County

Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (AAMDC)

Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC)



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