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TDC101 TDC Policy and Legislation

The TDC Bylaw

The primary enabling document of municipal TDC programs should be a distinct bylaw, enacted after public review and input through a formal public hearing. The TDC Bylaw would detail one or more TDC Programs within a municipality, including specific information about TDC Conservation Areas, TDC Development Areas, bonus opportunities, credit calculations, transfer process details, title-restriction devices, and local administration. As well as making practical sense, it is likely that the up-coming TDC Regulation will require dedicated TDC bylaws.

The TDC Bylaw should define each TDC Program within the municipality’s overall TDC scheme / plan by identifying the unique parameters around each program. This would provide more detail for implementation, and would allow potential program participants to understand how individual programs approach operationalizing the goals laid out in the MDP.

Considerations here would include which land use districts or zones would be eligible as TDC Conservation or Development Areas, parameters around credit establishment, and details of the bonusing opportunities.

To help municipalities create an effective TDC Bylaw, the Miistakis Institute has created a primer, What Should a TDC Bylaw Include? The intent is not to create a prescriptive recipe, but rather a list of potential contents that can serve both the legal requirements for provincial approval, and the demands of best practices.


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