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TDC101 Putting the Pieces Together

Creating an effective Transfer of Development Credits program is as much art as it is science. Development of a TDC program follows a prescribed set of steps, and has a prescribed structure … to a point. The ultimate effectiveness of the TDC program often depends on the skillful addition of spices to the standard recipe.

This section outlines some of the more conceptual considerations in developing a TDC program, i.e., in actually putting the pieces together. It starts with a brief overview of the process (the basic recipe), then continues by outlining various factors of success, some of the most common myths that need to be addressed, suggested background studies that should be brought to bear, and finally a review of the four American programs which Miistakis was able to visit and assess.


What is a TDC Program?

The Why, What, How and Who's of TDCs

Miistakis Reports

Government of Alberta


Papers and Reports

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Support Organizations and Consultants

American Examples

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