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TDC101 Credit Systems

The TDC credit system provides the mechanism to make the TDC market work. If the TDC Conservation Area landowners are not motivated to sell credits, or the TDC Development Area landowners are not motivated to buy credits then no transactions will occur and the market will not function. The TDC program designers are responsible for setting up the credit system in a manner that facilitates transaction activity in support of the program goals.

A “credit” in a TDC program is a unit of opportunity. Once issued by the municipality to a TDC Conservation Area landowner, it represents a salable commodity for that landowner. For the TDC Development Area landowner who buys the credit, it represents the opportunity to redeem it with the municipality for a level of development above and beyond the base zoning in the area.

This section describes the facets and functions of the TDC credit system, and briefly outlines some of the questions municipalities must answer in designing and operating that system.

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How the Value of TDC Credits is Determined


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